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What’s In A Name

Jul 30, 2023

Names Are Important. Names Mean Things.

Over the years and since I was a kid, I have named every vehicle I have ever had, even my bicycles. So it was only proper that I name my BMW Motorcycle. And it wasn’t until the “right name” came along did I do so. 

I named her “Diana” and here is why.

Diana Prince is the name of Wonder Woman. You know her as the DC Comics Superheroine. I had not named my BMW for quite awhile until her name came to me one night while folding my laundry.

I was watching Gal Gadot in “Wonder Woman” when inspiration struck. I realized that my ride-or-die bike’s given name was Diana. 

As I am writing this blog to share why we named our new regenerative medicine practice “Horizon Medical”, I decided to find out what was so important about my bike being called Diana.

Diana = divine.  Origin: Latin. Other Origin(s) :Roman. Meaning: divine. 

In mythology, Diana was an ancient Roman deity and daughter of Jupiter who came to be associated with the Greek goddess Artemis. Noted for her beauty and fleetness, Diana is often depicted as a huntress.

Kewl. Diana… beauty, courage, fleetness, a huntress. Yep, it fits.

“A Practice, By Any Other Name, Is It Still Not A Practice?”

Because names mean things, we tested several of them with real life individuals.  By gauging their first knee-jerk reaction when each name was read to them, we narrowed down the field.  

It was actually kind of fun to watch these unfiltered responses with each name. 

Why “Horizon Medical”? Why not “Nash Medical” or “Sunset Medical” or even “Treanor Medical”? 

Truth be told, “Sunset Medical” conjured up thoughts of a nursing home. “Nash Medical” was too close to the old name of the hospital which, until recently, was not a favorable association. “Treanor Medical”? Too much personality attachment, too locally anchored.

What Is Implied With The Word Horizon?

Horizon Medical just has a different feel to it. 

A feeling of hope and optimism. A sense that answers are just right here in front of us. 

Each person we polled gave a similar response.  

Horizon Medical conjures up a sense of hope, of faith, a positive expectation, and a desire for better and impending improvement over the current situation. 

It was just a “YES!” The way it feels and the emotions it triggers are all positive and uplifting. 

Where did horizon come from? Music.  

Dr. Sam Graber and I enjoy all kinds of music and while we were discussing relative business issues, we heard the song “Horizon” by Nickleback off of their latest release “Get Rollin’”. 

As we were in that moment, Dr. Graber said it… “Horizon! Horizon Medical!” 

We hit the streets to test this latest name and voila! It landed, and landed well.

To us, it embodies our desire to imbue hope and desire for improvement and positive change and growth and personal empowerment.

To us it is a perfect name as we are on the horizon, if you will, of bringing modern regenerative medical modalities to the Twin Counties surrounding Rocky Mount, North Carolina. 

We can “see out ahead” of us the changes and opportunities that will present themselves as we deliver Responsible Pain Management ™ through the application of medical, chiropractic and rehab together under one roof. This is the epitome of what it is to deliver true integrative care. 

All Regenerative Therapy Is Not Created Equal

So we’re on the same proverbial page, regenerative therapy is the use of natural human tissues to restore, renew and regenerate damaged human tissue. 

It got its start in 1923 with the work of Maximilian Stern MD, an emergency room specialist.  Dr. Stern was confronted with a serious burn victim whose damage was significant and life threatening. 

For some reason that goes unexplained, he theorized that just maybe the use of newly birthed placental tissue using the amniotic side, could help repair these burns. 

He went into the Birthing Center of the hospital asking for a recently birthed placenta. He took it and placed it upon the burns of the victim. To the amazement of all who watched his burns healed, completely.  They healed so beautifully that the burned tissue was reported to be the healthiest tissue on him.

Modern Regenerative Therapy utilizes similar tissues that have the ability to migrate to the region of destruction and become the missing pieces assuming the DNA identity of the host. It also takes platelets from the host and concentrates them and returns them to the damaged region of the host where they do their job of repairing and renewing damaged tissues.

What Sets Horizon Medical Apart?

We have many tools in our toolbox to help alleviate chronic pain, acute injuries and avoid unnecessary surgeries and the over application of opioids as well as NSAIDs.  We will choose which specific tool to employ based upon an individual's need.  This is how we will help you manage your pain responsibly.  

Each tool has a name and a critical mission in the process.  A process that will be first and foremost at Horizon Medical. Delivered to you with the compassionate care of experienced health care professionals from medical, to rehab and chiropractic, an ensemble integrated into one family of treatment protocols.

And So I Ask, “What’s In A Name?”

Diana. I love that name. I love the entire persona of “Wonder Woman” and what it represents to me. She’s not just beauty alongside fleetness and courage, nor is she simply “one tough Chick”.  She embodies independence and love, truth and honesty, freedom and self worth, fierceness of will with softness and compassion in delivery. 

“Diana” fits the BMW nicely as it is smooth and powerful, agile and balanced.  It provides independence and freedom.  All of this is what it has become to me.

Horizon Medical. One can just feel the hope and optimism and empowerment and expectation of a new beginning. A better day and a better life through a better way to deliver Responsible Pain Management™. 

One is filled with a sense that “help is on the way” and that there is “a better life is just over the horizon”. 

Dr. Graber and I hope that Horizon Medical can mean these things and more to you, your family, and this community. 

We hope that it opens the “Life Doors” that have been closed and renews in you the dream of being your very best again.

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