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Expensive Or Priceless? All Depends How You Look At It.

Mar 16, 2024

What is really cool about what is happening here at Horizon Medical is that people are getting better. Simple as that. Getting Better. 

We are witnessing as people walk again without limping or hesitation. People are doing squats and lunges and jumping and running and dancing amongst other things… without pain.

Yep… I said it, without pain. Without restriction. Without worrying if their knee is going to support them. Without stumbling and without concern. 

People are getting their lives back one at a time.

Personally, I love it.

I thought it was pretty awesome when my knee healed after I received my Therapeutic Intervention of HCTP (Human Cellular Tissue Product). The “awesome” has not worn off.

Enough about me.

What has been extremely gratifying is seeing these same miraculous results in my friends and neighbors of this community. Each of whom has availed themselves of the opportunity to see their lives not just changed for the better, rather to see their lives RETURNED to them. Yes, you read that right — returned to them.

So, from my humble point of view, you know, the one that I have personally experienced and witnessed in others, the value is there. Period. 

Questions Worth Pondering

Then that begs the question, what is valuable to you? 

How much of your life has to be lost before it is worth reclaiming?

At what point will you declare enough is enough and start demanding answers and results that WORK? Results that give you your life back.

What would you pay to have your life returned to you? When are you going to be worth it?

For me? Getting my life back has been PRICELESS!

What would you pay to keep up with your kids and grandkids on vacation at the Biltmore with all of those stairs? How much would you pay to stroll the seashore with your partner, or just being able to have one of those transcendent, quiet moments in the woods on the Appalachian Trail. Those moments that put you in touch with the universe WITHOUT PAIN OR RESTRICTIONS? 

I tell you, what I paid pales in comparison to what I received. I kid you not. Being able to do any one of the following without fail would be worth the investment: 

  • Walk without any pain
  • Play tennis
  • Wakeboard
  • Ride my bike
  • Go up and down stairs
  • Hike  without issue
  • And one of my favorites, being able to keep up with my team treating and caring for my community.

Being able to do all of these things and more is my new reality. And that, my friend, is priceless. Absolutely priceless.

And yet, and I hear people say “but it’s SO EXPENSIVE!”

Expensive. Really? 

What is Expensive… Really?

Is it too “expensive” to not be able to pedal your kayak to the isolated spot on the Pamlico to catch another 28” Speckled Trout?

Is not being able to walk on the beach and sit down with your sweetheart in the sand then being able to stand up without a struggle, is that not “expensive”? 

Or maybe not being able to dance the First Father-Daughter Dance on her wedding night or not able to walk her down the aisle? Is that not “expensive”? 

Those things are expensive!

You know… the cost of your LIFE “ending” before it has truly ended?

Yeah… Not being able to do that stuff, to me, is MORE “expensive”.

“Expensive is as Expensive does is what my Momma used to say!” Forrest Gump.

Well… he didn’t really say that, but he could have.

The Costs Of Regen Alternatives

Hopefully, by now, you’re getting the point, yet I am just getting started. I haven’t mentioned the actual cost of the alternatives to Regenerative Therapies, the number of which are very few.

  1. Forggettaboutit: Just ignore it, quit worrying over it, hoping it may go away (what is the worst combination of five words in health care?) “Maybe It Will Go Away”... a little secret… it won’t.
  2. Drugs: Painkillers galore. Cortisone injections (that destroy your tissues) and opioids. And when the law no longer allows those to be prescribed legally, you will get them off the street, literally.
  3. Surgery: Arthroplasty of the affected joint. And what is really cool is that insurance works really hard at keeping your co-pay low enough so it looks like the least expensive option. Yet, in reality, it often becomes the most expensive option.  How so? Let’s start the list of expenses:

Though a copay covers the “tangible expenses”, the list of intangibles would boggle your mind. Such costs are

  • the lifestyle interruptions
  • the down time post-surgery
  • the recovery and rehab time needs to be factored in as well.  

There’s a seemingly endless list of possibilities that could go wrong. 

Ideally, one’s recovery goes well. There are instances when it does not. Most of the time there are surgical or pharmacological side effects, sometimes those side effects are tragic.

Again, I ask you, “what is it worth to have function returned and to live without pain (or faint remnants of it)”? 

Results We’ve Witnessed 

At Horizon Medical we are witnessing the regenerative and life restoring power of the collaborative therapies and modalities that are being provided by our team. We are witnessing the dancing, the stair climbing, and the fishing; the hiking and the wakeboarding and the… you get the point.

And like me, they don’t call that “Expensive”. They call it “Priceless”. 

Whether Regen is “expensive” or “priceless” depends on how you look at it. 

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