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To Do Or Not To Do? When it comes to joint surgery, that is the question to give serious thought to.

Feb 05, 2024

When Dr. Graber gives me a blog assignment, she also assigns me a specific topic (mostly because I ramble aimlessly and she has the time of her life trying to make it something that is readable and informative). Well, this time she has picked a doozy! 


Keep Jeopardy On The Screen And Off The Operating Table

This month’s topic came about due to experiences we’ve witnessed a fair number of times as of late. Not a week goes by that our medical provider, Linda Prezioso ANP-C, doesn’t meet with someone hopeful that our Medical Injection Therapies can help them find relief, and maybe, just maybe, even solve their joint-related problem altogether.

And what is the topic Dr. G has tasked me with, you ask? I’ll give you some hints…

  • Active infection anywhere in the body.
  • Sepsis at the site
  • Morbid obesity
  • Elevated BMI
  • Current medications that make surgery dangerous, therefore not an option
  • Poor skin and tissue conditions at the site
  • Substance abuse (drug or alcohol)
  • Not enough receiving bone, poor bone structure
  • Poor vascularization of the site
  • Patient motivation (thinking that this procedure will get them running marathons again… but did they ever before?)
  • Epoetin Alpha (sounds like some serious…stuff)
  • Blood transfusions
  • Neuropathic joint

“What are the Contraindications to Arthroplastic Surgery for $1,000 Alex?”




From “Thou Shalt Not” To The “All Clear”

When I started preparing for this writing project, I resourced the Big Dogs. I poured over published works from the Mayo Clinic and other big names in the surgical medicine game.  The more I read, the more I can honestly say that I was astounded. Blown away. Flabbergasted! 

There are more reasons NOT to get joint replacement surgery than there are reasons to get it. 

Let that sink in.

There are more reasons that are contraindicated (think “Thou Shalt Nots”) to take arthroscopic surgery off the operating table than there are reasons to proceed.  

So why would Dr. Graber make this most unfortunate reality the topic of this blog? 

Because the reality that exists behind the reasoning is bleak and often swept under the rug… No Arthroplastic Surgeon wants a failure. 

No surgeon wants that hanging over their head. Can you blame them?  

So what if you’ve been waiting for one of these surgical interventions and have been told that due to one of the things on that long laundry list I just shared applies to you. A contraindication that renders you squarely in the column, “Not A Surgical Candidate”.  

What then?   


“Little To No Known Contraindications For The Win Alex.”

Now what is really fascinating (kewl in my vernacular) is that the application of natural HCTP (Human Cellular Tissue Product) has little to no known contraindications and the couple it does have can be circumvented. 

And that long list shared earlier, Horizon Medical has answers to. 

From Dr. Graber’s 4 Week Regen Jumpstart (lifestyle changes) aimed at helping you solve those pesky BMI issues to our proprietary post-injection rehab and chiropractic protocol aimed at retraining your body to have proper function, as well as strength and stability. A protocol designed to recalibrate how your joint works so that the body does not return to destroy what it just regenerated and repaired.


Opening Up The Doors Of Life, Again

Here’s what we are about: We design protocols aimed at replacing the “NOs” of life with “YESs” in a nonsurgical, drug-free environment. Protocols hyper-focused on getting you back in the saddle of life again; opening those “Doors of Life” that you thought had been closed forever. 

We have more reasons for you to get back to being healthy than they have reasons for you to not receive care at their hands. 

Now me personally, I am THRILLED that they won’t take you on as a surgical candidate. There are so many complications from surgery that I am not going to talk about…things like post-surgical infections and unplanned bone destruction along with bone failure. Things like wounds that fail to heal, not to mention the months of downtime and often painful recovery. And the blood clots? I promise, I will not talk about those either. No.


The Thing Everyone Wants To Know About HCTP

What I will talk about is the fact that these natural cellular stimulators (HCTP), processed ethically from live cesarean births where the baby is alive and happy, as well as Mom, have little to no contraindications. When employing the natural tissues from the placenta, it is carefully removed and clinically processed in an FDA approved and monitored lab. This ensures the highest and purest form of HCTP possible. 

When you consult with our integrative medicine team, you receive a detailed and personalized plan of action for implementing one of our Advanced Therapeutic Protocols into your treatment plan. We do all we can to ensure that the very best outcome is made possible. 


We Deal In Hope, Not Despair

We invite you to join our “Club”... “The Joint Repair and Rejuvenation Club”. A club that grows by the week here at Horizon Medical. 

Become a “Hope Dealer” like us, and experience the amazing that we are privileged to witness every week. Be one of those that “graduate the protocol”, and then “ring the Graduation Bell” for all to hear, as you experience the power of the regenerative protocols that we have created and provide proudly to our Rocky Mount community.

One of the things I think is fascinating, their “rejecting you” as a candidate may have just saved your life. Count your blessings my friend, and give us a call at 252-210-3490 while you do so.

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