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Revolutionizing Arthritic Joint Pain Treatment: The Role of Regenerative Medicine in Cartilage Regrowth

Nov 20, 2023


“You’re bone-on-bone.” 


Have you been delivered that daunting news? Many who come to Horizon Medical have heard those 4 words before. Words that crushed them for they had big plans for their future. A future that didn’t include countless drug refills, hours upon hours waiting in doctors’ offices, nor did it include the prospect of recovering from invasive surgery (or surgeries), in many cases.   

These folks arrived on their first day hopeless and defeated, yet they left hopeful and inspired for they received new information and new evidence that their once hopeless situation was now one ripe with possibility. Sit a spell and let us walk you through a promising option in the treatment of arthritic joints now available to the Rocky Mount, North Carolina community and surrounding areas.


The Gap in Arthritis Management

Arthritis affects millions of people worldwide, causing pain, inflammation and limited mobility. Among its various forms, osteoarthritis (OA) stands out as a leading cause of joint pain, particularly in those with years in their rearview mirror.

Traditional treatments for OA often provide only symptomatic relief, leaving a significant gap in addressing the root cause of the condition – the breakdown of cartilage. However, a promising beacon of hope has emerged in the form of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine (regen) offers innovative solutions for cartilage regeneration and the alleviation of chronic joint pain. 

This blog explores the exciting advancements in regenerative medicine now available at Horizon Medical.  In it, we focus on its application in treating arthritic joints, with an emphasis on cartilage restoration.


Understanding Arthritic Joints and the Role of Cartilage

Before delving into the revolutionary world of regenerative medicine, it is crucial to understand the intricate nature of arthritic joints and the pivotal role played by cartilage. Healthy joints are complex structures.  A joint is where two bones meet to achieve a specific movement.  Whether bending, pivoting, rotating, gliding, or sliding, a healthy joint moves smoothly, with precision.  Cartilage, a specialized connective tissue, serves as a cushion between bones, preventing friction and ensuring seamless joint function.

When joints deteriorate, what was once healthy movement is derailed and replaced by compensating movements as the body tries to right the wrongs of mounting joint dysfunction. This compensation only further exacerbates the situation. 

Osteoarthritis, the most prevalent form of arthritis, is characterized by the progressive degradation of cartilage. Factors such as advancing age, genetics, joint instability, poor metabolic health, and physical trauma contribute to the erosion of this protective tissue. As cartilage breaks down, joint surfaces rub against each other, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness. This is where the term “bone-on-bone” comes from. 

Traditional treatments, including pain management medications and physical therapy, focus on symptomatic relief rather than addressing the underlying issue of cartilage degeneration.


Regenerative Medicine: A Paradigm Shift in Arthritis Treatment

Regenerative medicine represents a paradigm shift in the field of arthritis treatment. Instead of merely alleviating symptoms with the “here try this medication” approach embraced by many in the medical field (because it’s the only tool they have), regenerative practitioners aim to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, in turn fostering tissue repair and regeneration. At Horizon Medical, we implement the most up-to-date techniques at the forefront of this innovative field, offering new hope for those grappling with chronic joint pain.


Growth Factors and Their Impact on Cartilage Repair

Growth factors, signaling proteins that regulate cellular processes, are a key player in regenerative medicine for arthritic joints. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentration of growth factors derived from the patient's own blood, has gained popularity for its potential in promoting tissue repair.

In PRP therapy, a small amount of the patient's blood is drawn and processed (spun in a centrifuge) to isolate the platelets. Once spun down in our state-of-the-art office, the concentrated PRP is then injected into the affected joint. It is there that the patient’s own growth factors stimulate cell proliferation (new cell growth) and collagen formation which leads to cartilage repair. While the evidence supporting the efficacy of PRP therapy is still evolving, early studies suggest its potential in providing symptomatic relief and slowing down the progression of osteoarthritis. 


Realizing the Potential of Regenerative Medicine

The success stories emerging from clinical trials and real-world applications of regenerative medicine in arthritic joint treatment are encouraging. We’re seeing some incredible results here at Horizon Medical. Patients who once faced the prospect of invasive surgeries and a lifetime of pain management medications are now experiencing significant improvements in their joint function and overall quality of life. Our early-adopter clients as well as our Founder, Dr. Tim Treanor, are experiencing life-enhancing results.  Each and every one of them will attest to the fact that regenerative medicine is working for them! 

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One notable example is the use of PRP in knee osteoarthritis. Our patients have reported reduced pain and improved joint function. As their joints heal, we fully anticipate enhanced cartilage thickness in patients treated with PRP injections. Clinical trials have demonstrated these results when PRP is utilized alongside other healing modalities. Modalities we have in our Rocky Mount office. These findings underscore the transformative potential of regenerative medicine in addressing the core issues of cartilage degeneration.


Are You a Candidate for Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is revolutionizing the landscape of arthritic joint treatment, offering hope to millions of individuals grappling with chronic joint pain. 

Regenerative medicine can have a transformative impact on a person’s life. Helping their body heal from within results in not only many gains, but prevents many losses. In addition to a very welcome decrease in pain, those receiving regen and supporting therapies note the following as well:

  • An enhanced mobility and greater flexibility in movement.
  • A greater ability to do not only what they need to do but what they want to do.
  • A restored level of activity they thought lost forever due to the restrictive grip osteoarthritis had on their day-to-day living.
  • A new sense of freedom and independence once viewed as a thing of the past.

Those receiving regen and supporting therapies are preventing the loss of those same things gained. Regenerative therapies pave the way for a future where individuals with arthritis can regain mobility, reduce pain, and enjoy an improved quality of life now and in their future. 

As we stand on the cusp of a new era in medicine, the promise of regenerative medicine shines bright, offering a beacon of hope for a world where chronic joint pain may become a relic of the past.

This is what we’re aiming for at Horizon Medical where relief from arthritic joint pain is just over the horizon. 


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