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The "Next Stage" For Treanor Chiropractic

May 25, 2023

A Profound Question With A Simple Answer

As we move closer and closer to opening Horizon Medical here in Rocky Mount, NC, some version of the same question is asked: 

“Why are you embracing the medical model Dr. Treanor? I thought Chiropractic was the enemy of Medicine?”

Before I answer that question, let us consider a story that may help illustrate the reason behind the decision.

An Analogy From Outer Space

Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama in the 1960’s was a very exciting time as Huntsville was the center for the Saturn Moon Rocket Program. The giant Saturn V rockets were built and tested at the Redstone Arsenal and the project was headed up by none other than the famous “Rocket Man” himself, Wernher Von Braun. 

As a first grader in Mrs. Kennedy’s class at Montview Elementary School, it was not an unusual event to have a visiting astronaut show up to give us an up-close-and-personal experience.  One-by-one they brought their space suits and other related objects to teach us about their profession.

As you'd expect, a whopping 92% of us at Montview wanted to be astronauts! 

Just prior to the launching of the Apollo 11 Mission that successfully landed mankind on the moon, we had a guest I'll never forget.  Live and in the flesh, we had Dr. Von Braun right in front of our imaginative little minds.  And thinking back on it, I still get chills.  Here's what went down... 

To The Moon And Back

The entire First Grade Pod was invited into our room as we sat enthralled, listening to this amazing scientist share story after story.  He was supremely influential in the designs of the rockets that propelled man, not only into outer space, but round-trip to the moon and back.

Here I was, sitting in front of everyone else on the floor at the feet of Wernher Von Braun as he shared with us how they were going to achieve this amazing feat. 

On the chalkboard (the predecessor to the “white board” for y’all not alive in the last century) he drew circles that represented the Earth and the moon. With that white chalk he drew an unbroken line from the launch point out to then circle the earth (to gain speed and momentum from earth’s gravity) to then essentially slingshot the rocket out across the 252,000+ miles to the moon.

It Takes Multiple Stages To Get There

When it was question time one of the kids asked, “How will just one rocket get them all that way?” 

“One rocket won’t”, Von Braun replied. 

He then explained. “What you see from the outside of the Saturn V rocket looks to be one single rocket where in fact, it is MULTIPLE rockets or multiple STAGES of rockets.  Each having a designated task and desired effect on the speed and trajectory of the ultimate stage of the entire rocket ship. That entire ship consists of the command module housing the crew and the lunar module in which the crew will descend to and land safely on the moon and then come back again.”

Treanor Chiropractic's Next Stage

Here’s where his message applies to why I’m embracing the medical model after all these years, “Each stage has its very specific task and mission capabilities to allow the entire mission to be a success.”

Treanor Chiropractic has arrived, if you will, at its “Next Stage”. 

That practice has been performing an amazing mission for the last 26 years in this region and has accomplished much in the way of administering and promoting optimal health care. 

Yet, with all its success in this mission of administering Corrective Chiropractic Care, there are still those that have needed more than what we could deliver. 

They needed a Next Stage. 

Whereas we worked with local physicians, physical therapists and others, the cohesiveness and true integration of these professions was still lacking. 

Treanor Chiropractic needed that Next Stage. 

Our community needs this Next Stage.  

It is through embracing this next level within our own walls that our Operation Statement “Clarity and Commitment” will  be realized.

Enter Horizon Medical

Horizon Medical represents the “Next Stage”.  

The integration of Medical and Chiropractic Professionals is truly unique.  When our providers collaborate on your case, from uncovering what is at cause to how to resolve it, you benefit.  

Our approach provides patients with viable options for managing their pain other than opioids and other NSAIDs, and at the top of our priority list is helping people avoid unnecessary surgeries. 

We will deliver Responsible Pain Management to our community utilizing the professional skills, knowledge and compassion our Team has accumulated over several decades working in our own healthcare silos.  

It is through our joining of forces that we are poised to serve you TOGETHER as an INTEGRATED TEAM, focusing on you and your specific concerns. 

Medical is bringing Chiropractic under “her wing” so that all of this can be delivered to you as a Team Effort and with a Team Focus.

Like Dr. Von Braun explained, going to the moon looked like a single ship but in reality it was multiple stages that created that success. 

Welcome to the Next Stage in health care. 

Welcome to Horizon Medical. 

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